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NBA 2K17 Secret Badge News: NBA 2K17 MyPark Guide

Lunes 10 de octubre 2016

There are a number of NBA 2K17 badges, nonetheless, many of MyPark Badges are extremely well-hidden, it's likely to take a bit of precision in getting them. In order to attain the sometimes evasive badges, here's a quick and easy guide. For more guides, tips, cheats, news and more, stay tuned U4NBA.

There is a list of the MyPark Secret Badges, followed by, guide you some ways to acquire themA highlight-play type of player who energizes his teammates with big plays in MyPARK. In order to get this Badge, the player needs to get 50 highlight plays. It is highly recommended to get this on a three-score play.

IRON MAN - Spends less energy than others when making athletic moves while playing in MyPARK.

The IRON MAN badge is very useful for fast breaks or dashing through for a dunk. Technically, it makes the player rarely lose energy. To get this badge, consistently play and keep running out of energy 100 times. Yes, it does sound ironic, but that's how it is obtained. As regards NBA 2K17 is already released for a while, some offical gameplay platforms are selling cheap NBA 2K17 MT PS4 and more.

WINNERS ONLY - Can heat up quickly in the midst of winning streaks in MyPARK.

With this badge, shots accuracy are boosted. This is very helpful in making difficult shots, especially outside ones. To get the badge, the players need to heat up 50 times.  

BONE COLLECTOR - A high-level ball-handler who breaks defender's ankles when stringing together multiple dribble moves in MyPARK.

One of the most challenging badge to get, the BONE COLLECTOR badge requires player to be consistent playmakers. To get the badge, the player is required to pull off 100 ankle-breakers on MyPARK mode.

GAME POINT - In MyPARK, receives a bonus to hit shot percentage when taking game-winning shots.

This badge can be obtained by grinding out game winning shots. Some players start out with 50, while others have 75. It varies with each player created and would be easier for those who already have more. Not only need you collect some badges, if you want to experience so realistic and immersive basketball video game, you have to buy NBA 2K17 MT.

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