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Martes 07 de marzo 2017

100K Factory Revolution Review My Success Story

Martes 07 de marzo 2017

100K Factory Revolution 

Focus on sustainability is an investment to create value element Sustainability can be considered as the consistency of the company within the market and the operating environment to keep them flexible


After the success in establishing your 100K Factory Revolution Review company in Latin America will shift attention to how to improve the company's value creation element. However, the building is actually a successful company in the Latin American environment requires looking beyond the presentation of the core value of the company and think about the actions that will help the company to become sustainable in the market in which they operate now. The existence of the sustainability agenda is not optional for some, but others are going to say that the presence of the agenda of this kind is not necessary for the continuation of the company in the long term only, but also contribute to creating value, and are therefore indispensable.


Reasons why it is one of sustainable companies and vary from one company to another vary, but there are some basic common elements among most companies that operate in developing markets. To identify these elements in your company, you should consider the company's "holistic view" and think of what are the basic elements upon which the continued survival of your company in the long term. Will not have all of the items the same relative importance. For example, for a mining company or which may have a significant impact on the environment, natural resources, it is necessary to manage relationships with the local community in which they operate the company and the government which they receive a license, and may lead dysfunctional relationship with any of them to get cancellation of licenses with significant economic consequences. Has a global mining group Anglo American a huge mining assets in Chile has recently entered into a conflict with the Chilean government on the options granted to the government to buy some assets. The government is currently studying the position of Anglo, and therefore there will be watching to see how to solve this conflict on the grounds that there is a big risk at stake related to the economy and reputation of the organization and for both parties.


Here's some suggestions on the best way to achieve sustainability in view of the company through five overlapping lenses:

Main activity of value creation element

While common to all successful 100K Factory Revolution Reviewcompanies in care to achieve satisfactory profits and the effective use of capital, it will help take into account what the company follows in that these companies become more sustainable Aloshaq in which they are located:

Growth strategy: it is necessary to the existence of undeclared strategy to guide the momentum in the company and continue to focus on, particularly in high-growth environments overseas market. Financing growth: How will you finance growth and what are the restrictions on that? It Will Zlkmen through internal cash flow or inject capital or with the help of local capital markets, bearing in mind that the latter is still under development in many countries?

Organizational changes: it is necessary to attention to these changes because they may develop quickly and have a significant impact is difficult to confront it to restore the situation to what it was. In Argentina, the privatization of many companies the main facilities during the last 15 years under a regulatory framework to ensure clear rules on increasing tariffs. After grinding in the 2001 economic crisis, has been working to change the one-sided frame to prevent the owners of the companies, most of whom of opportunities to increase the tariff specified in the original contract. Although the situation has improved now, the tariff remained for residential facilities significantly low.

Staff selection: Investing in 100K Factory training and development will improve the quality of your workforce and reduce the reliance on the market. And it will be encouraged to reduce dependence on expatriate labor on the transfer of skills and will also reduce costs. Intellectual Property: Protection of everything that would value the representation.

Property: Partnership relations: It is important to predict how it might develop partnership relations. It is observed that most of the partnership ends by the party to buy the other's share. What is the vision of shared your United Trading Network Scam project?

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