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How to use the Bluetooth headphones desktop?

Viernes 10 de noviembre 2017

Nowadays, Bluetooth headphones comes more and more popular, so many people bought bluetooth headphones, but most of them don’t know how to use the bluetooth headphones desktop, today let’s talk about this problem.hope can help you a lot.
1, the installation of Bluetooth adapter driver, I use the IVT bluesoleil, can support stereo Bluetooth headset function A2DP (Advance Audio Distribution Profile).

2, the Bluetooth adapter into the computer's USB port, open the IVT bluesoleil software, automatically find the Bluetooth adapter, the lower right corner of the taskbar logo will become blue.

3, the smartomi Bluetooth headphones selected to match the state (non-ordinary standby mode, see the specific operation or see our forum related guidance article), IVT bluesoleil software menu inside select, search for Bluetooth devices, find, select the Bluetooth headset, Connection "after the taskbar prompts the PIN code text, will require the input Bluetooth headset verification code, usually 0000, 1234, 8888, the specific circumstances, please see the instructions.

4, when completed, the computer will automatically connect.

Then you will hear the Bluetooth headphones "ding dong ... ding dong" sound, it is only completed half, and that communication is no problem.

5, control panel - sound and audio equipment

The music playback and recording equipment to Bluetooth devices.

Music player and recording device with 2 Bluetooth devices ~! Have to change to Bluetooth SCO Audio Bluetooth device or the sound out of ~! The The

6. Then click "Test Hardware"

(Tip: If the computer prompts "can not complete the sound hardware test guide" please press the Bluetooth headset switch until the headphones without any sound issued.)

After the test is successful, you can use the smartomi bluetooth headphones to connect the computer to listen to music.

Now you can enjoy the joy of wireless equipment.

PS: Bluetooth headset each time the connection, or there will be "ding dong ..." connection sound, just press the Bluetooth headset key to turn it off, but pay attention to see the taskbar of the Bluetooth service logo has not become green The If it is not green, prove that the Bluetooth device has stopped service and needs to be reconnected. In addition, the recommended computer with the latest version of the driver, IVT bluesoleil, can support stereo bluetooth headphones function A2DP.

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