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Viernes 10 de noviembre 2017

How to use "RealTimes? on your Chromecast

Viernes 10 de noviembre 2017
How to use 'RealTimes? on your Chromecast

Are you enjoying the streaming experience with your Chromecast device? If you are one of the potential users of the streaming device, then you must have been experiencing the fine streaming ability to access your favorite content in a better way. With the enthralling features and dazzling services, Google Chromecast has embarked its position as the prime player in the list of streaming devices. The adoring feature of giving the big screen entertainment has also been the main reason to capture the eyeballs of many potential users across the global boundaries. If you are the new one in the user's list of chromecast, then you can simply go for Chromecast Free Download to get the trial of the streaming device.    

Apart from the fine features and services, Chromecast has also got the bunch of many apps which are actually working great for all the users out there. Well, apart from the listed chromecast apps, we have come up with an adoring app which will surely turn your way to watch and share your videos in a fascinating way. Before we move on to the brief introduction of the app, all the new users who are willing to stream their favorite content on the big screen should to the Chromecast Extension Download to enable the streaming device to cast the content on the TV.

The "RealTimes" App   

If you are willing to have automatic slide share videos from your videos and photos, then RealTimes app is the best option for you. The sharing of the finished video is also easy with the app, as it is stored in the cloud. Even you can also pull out the videos and photos which you want to use more for your SlideShare videos.

Well, if you are thinking to use the app with your Chromecast, then just head on to the way to use the app. All the potential users who want to access the streaming device in a better way to head to Chromecast App Download to explore the features of the device in a better way.  

1) Installing the RealTimes app on PC or mobile device- The first thing you need to do is to install the app. Currently, the app is compatible with Mac OS X, Android, Kindle Fire, and Windows 7. After installing the app, simply sign up with a new account or just log in to your existing account.

2) Plugging the Chromecast - Secondly, be sure that you have plug in the chromecast device to get ready to cast your videos If you have not set up the device, just follow the instructions to get connected with the same Wi-Fi like the Chromecast.

3) Linking the Chromecast to the tablet or Smartphone - Simply unlock the RealTimes on any compatible Chromecast devices, and make sure that you have connected to the same Chromecast Wi-Fi. If the app detects the latest chromecast on the network, you will get a prompt to connect it. Now just tap the casting logo and then select the chromecast. After the Real Time is connected successfully to the chromecast, the logo will get turn into blue color and the RealTime screen will get appear on the screen.

4) Play any video- Now, simply choose any video to play with the device connected to the chromecast. You can cast and saved the video directly on the device or anything which is already there in your cloud account. All the PC users can also go to Chromecast PC download to cast and enjoy the content on their PC screen.

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