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Sábado 11 de noviembre 2017

Flying cat system as the main broadcast perspective

Sábado 11 de noviembre 2017

"In the fog of New England, we know the audiences need for the Cat's perspective, and since then we have been planning and testing how to use this system to complete the broadcast of Madden Mobile Coins an entire football game, and we will still In this game set up at all angles camera lens.Traditional side line position will be used when needed by us.Only the main view of the fans will come from the flying cat system. "By using the flying cat System, NBC hopes to attract more young audience to watch the game, especially those who play "crazy football" game grew up fans. In "crazy football" game, the player's operating perspective is precisely the same as the Flying Cat camera, located behind the quarterback.

"The younger generations of NFL fans have gradually developed the habit of watching American football from this perspective while participating in their favorite video games," said Goodelli, an innovative broadcast mode that will make these young people feel comfortable. "

A week later, we know if NBC will give the audience a new and exciting NFL tournament experience.

Thursday Night Race Week 11 - The Tennessee Titans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers live in the United States via the three major channels, NBC, NFL News and Amazon Prime Video. Fans and friends living in China, you can choose to watch Tencent sports live broadcast, experience the different American football tournament perspective.

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