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Sábado 11 de noviembre 2017

How to secure your Internet connection

Sábado 11 de noviembre 2017
How to secure your Internet connection

Although Internet connections are becoming more convenient for consumers, they’re also becoming more inviting to hackers. For instance, a wireless network, which allows you to access the Internet virtually anywhere in your home, also may be accessed by neighbors or even hackers, unless it’s secured. Understanding how to secure your Internet connection will help protect your personal documents and prevent identity theft. Follow these easy steps to secure your connection now.

Step 1: Carefully position your router or access point

Step2: Change passwords, usernames, and IDs

Step 3: Turn off SSID broadcast

Step 4: Enable WPA encryption

Step 5: Disable remote administration

Step 6: Use MAC address filtering

Step 7: Install a PC firewall and anti-virus software

Step 8: Turn off your network when it's not in use

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