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60 contained wind and Michael Kors Handbags rain routes cast the legendary

Sábado 11 de noviembre 2017

60 contained wind and Michael Kors Handbags rain routes cast the legendary Eastern Airlines future years to write Chinese chapter Topic: China Eastern Airlines 60th anniversary of the Oriental Network reporter Wang Jia Ni reported on January 11: sixty times the scarpe nike air max 2017
time Fit , a child over the years. 60 years of historical accumulation, 60 years of towering years. China Eastern growth chaussures nike trajectory, witnessed the chaussures-air-jordan-11 cause of the new China's civil aviation arrogance of the way, but also opened up to brilliant pursuit of the brilliant voyage. 60 years ago, the Civil Aviation Administration of chaussures-air-jordan-13Shanghai flight squadron took immature first step, seven aircraft is all belongings, 28 pilots, mechanics, the crew in the blue sky in the first flight; 60 years later, the team grew an annual transport of hundreds of millions of passengers, ranked seventh in the world, fleet size of 600, all the time flight to the sky of the international airlines. nike shoes sb dunks60 years time flies, today's China Eastern Airlines is at the goal of world-class airlines struggling to sprint. Route extension: from two routes to thousands of waypoints In 1957, the Civil Aviation Shanghai Management Office flight squadron was established, which is the birth of the new China after the birth of the first flight squadron in Shanghai, which is later the predecessor of Eastern Airlines. At this point, the socialist construction has just started, China's civil aviation industry began to enter the adjustment period. 1957 Shanghai Civil Aviation Administration flight squadron sailing when the innovative aircraft. It is relying on the 28 members of the team, the Civil Aviation Shanghai Management Office opened up the first two routes - Shanghai by Hangzhou, Nanchang to Guangzhou route and Shanghai by Hefei, Xuzhou to Beijing route. Since then, this fire from the squadronchaussures pas cher to the brigade, from Shanghai uomo nike free run 2 to a 'open branches scattered leaves', one after another new nike air pegasus 33 flight brigade and independent flight squadron, respectively, Jinan, Hefei and Nanchang and other cities as base in the future Eastern Airlines Shandong, Anhui, Jiangxi and other subsidiaries of the predecessor. In the domestic network gradually woven on the basis of the network, in September 1979, the Civil scarpe nike cortez
Aviation Administration of Shanghai flight squadron opened the Japanese route, the first flight out of the country. In 1987, the Civil Aviation Administration of Shanghai under the Canada Goose Uomototal of 999 people, including three flight brigade, an independent flight squadron, the implementation of domestic routes 70, international and regional routes 4, the annual passenger traffic volume of 208.93 million people, cargo mail volume of 53490 tons . Among them, the fifth flight battalion in Shanghai to fly from Shanghai to Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other large scarpe nike to buon mercato and medium-sized cities and Shanghai to Tokyo, Osaka, nike shoes for mensNagasaki and other foreign destinations, weekly flights from Shanghai have reached 146 classes, to build to Shanghai as a starting point for the Chinese and foreign aviation network for Shanghai, East China's economic take-off to provide a convenient traffic protection. From the end of 1987 to the beginning of 1988, civil aviation reform made great strides, from chaussure nike basketball
Original the traditional management system into a separate government and enterprises, management and separation. After the adidas chaussures homme
reform of the establishment of the airline and the airport, the supervisory departments perform their duties, technical expertise. With the reform and opening up the east, the focus of the operation of China Eastern Airlines into the development of fast lane. In May 1991, China Eastern Airlines opened the US route; in June 1992, China Eastern Airlines opened the European route; in 2011, China Eastern Airlines to join one of the world's three major aviation alliance SkyTeam alliance. Flying to the world has always been the chaussure nike air max femme
dream of the people, China Eastern Airlines has always been an international perspective, the practice of 'flying to the world' mission. 'Pacific Plan' and 'European profit plan' to expand the international market, rich route network layout and lay a solid foundation. Since then, China Eastern Airlines, which has only four international routes from Shanghai to Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagasaki, has now been transformed into a network of 1062 destinations in 177 countries and regions. airline This year, China Eastern Airlines is a continuous opening of Shanghai to Prague, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, Madrid, four European routes, the European michael abbigliamento donnakors backpack jet set navigational point from 5 to 9, to meet the travel needs of more travelers to Europe. From two routes to thousands of waypoints, flying over 60 years of China Eastern Airlines carrying the dream of people, soaring in the world on five continents. Fleet transformation: from the 'innovative' aircraft to the Boeing 777 route development can not be separated from a solid fleet construction. 60 years ago, China Eastern Airlines has only seven 'innovative' aircraft; 60 years nike lebron 9 eliteLater, China Eastern Airlines has Boeing and Airbus two brands, four models, 600 aircraft of world-class fleet. Among them, the condensation is the wisdom of the Eastern Airlines who seek the truth, practical hard sweat. In January 1957, the Shanghai Civil Aviation Administration flight squadron officially sailed, seven 'innovative' aircraft came to Shanghai to form the original fleet. After the surprise of the surprise, is the reality of calm, fresh 'innovative' aircraft is the original in the new China Civil Aviation started at the beginning of the situation, poor and white, civil aviation self-reliance 'assembled' out of the model, the starting point of the low To know, but after all, with steel wings. Since then, with the moncler childrenswear
gradual recovery of the national economy, Ann -2, Lane -2, Il-14 ... ... these in the history of the world's aviation industry famous Soviet model gradually enriched to the Civil Aviation Administration of Shanghai management team. michael kors clutch bag In 1959, shortly after sailing, fleet size increased from 7 to 32. In 1981, the original Civil Aviation Shanghai Management Office has been upgraded to the Civil Aviation Shanghai Authority, two 'Trident' 2E aircraft joined the Civil Aviation Administration of Shanghai in the ranks of the implementation of the aircraft. 'Trident' is the British development and production of jet aircraft, in 1962 has appeared in the British Fankborough Air Show. Trident aircraft to Shanghai '
was. With the advancement of reform and opening up, the fleet to catch up with the international advanced Abbigliamento Donna K-way level of the pace of accelerating. In 1983, two Boeing 707 aircraft Settled in giacche donna Shanghai, Which is Boeing aircraft and China Eastern's first hand. In 1985, to Airbus A310, numbered B-2301, came to Shanghai, the first time that European Airbus debuted to China Civil Aviation. From this Airbus A310 start, China Eastern Airlines became an important partner in the Chinese market, China Civil Aviation's first Airbus A300, the first Airbus A340 are nike air zoom pegasus 31 flying Eastern China, began to chaussure adidas nmd chukka interpret their Chinese story. In 1989, later joined thewomen's checkbook wallet Eastern Airlines Shanghai Airlines ushered in the first batch of Boeing 757-200 aircraft, Boeing has become an important customer. A310 aircraft from the last century 80 years to join China Eastern Airlines. Boeing 707 to Boeing and China Eastern first shake hands. September 2014, at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, a spray of new flagships of China Eastern Airlines sac michael kors 2017 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft slowly chaussure nike air vapormax landed, China Eastern flagship model of a new generation of official debut. Almost at the same time, Boeing 757, Womens Nike LeBron nike free rn
Airbus A340, BAE146 ... ... those who have meritorious models, have bid farewell to their own mission in the Eastern mission, As a result, China Eastern Airlines to Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 constitute a narrow body fleet to Boeing 777- 300ER and Airbus A330 constitute a wide body fleet model structure gradually formed. This is also China's three major state-owned airlines backbone in the structure of the most simple fleet. It is also the fleet, with 5.99 years of age, among the world's youngest fleet. Seattle over the Eastern Airlines flagship Boeing 777-300ER. From seven 'innovative' aircraft to the Boeing 777, flying over to spring and autumn of China Eastern Nike air force 1Airlines with the world's youngest fleet, refresh the blue sky and white clouds for the track 'China speed.' Vision development: from a single service provider to multi-industry cross-border cooperation cheap michael kors bags in a wealth of routes, a strong fleet, these are 60 years of China Eastern's brilliant mark. China Eastern Airlines is accompanied by the start of the new China Civil Aviation and birth, grow up. Looking back at the pioneering road, feeling the speed of time, do not forget the beginning of the Eastern moncler kidswear
Airlines will be legendary, and actively create a world-class hundred years of business. And in the new economic tide surging moment, to sprint to the first class, to Evergreen Airlines, must not simply to simple physicaladidas yeezy boost 350 v2 cream white
mk cross shoulder bag displacement service provider, must also adidas yeezy boost 350 uk
be a global and future vision, both based on the main industry and good at cross sac michael kors Sector services, information, financial ecology. In November 2014, China Eastern International Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. officially Settled in China's first free trade area - China (Shanghai) free trade pilot area, to carry out aircraft nike free 3.0 and other forms of financial leasing business. moncler kids
China Eastern Airlines chaussure nikeleasing company just opened, China Eastern Airlines shares announced that it will be leasing to lease 14 aircraft. This is not a simple administrative order under the 'join in', but with real income in the financial innovation. China Eastern Airlines leasing to the use of free trade area of ​​鈥 嬧 € 媡 he new tax system arrangements to help customers reduce rental costs, China Eastern Airlines shares to save more than 10 million US dollars. Financial leasing is the second largest after the international bank credit financing, known as the financial 'sunrise industry', and China Eastern in this new world is to show their skills. April 25, 2016, spray painted Disney painted Eastern A330 aircraft in Shanghai debut, so that everyone amazing. On the same day, China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Disneyland Resort also announced a strategic alliance between the two sides. When the civil aviation industry in the traditionalmoncler outlet products on the bottleneck of competition convergence, if through the visitors agree that cross-border products in the dominate industry, become the future competitiveness of the Department. While China Eastern leveraging Shanghai Disney once again grab the initiative. Regardless of the air or the ground, these 'Mickey Mouse' flights are Disney elements dressed up full of meaning, so that every flight take off has become the focus. According to China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Disney's cooperation plan, China Eastern Airlines will eventually build a six painted aircraft Canada Goose Giacche Nike Running Shoesof 'Mickey Mouse' fleet. As early as 2014, China Eastern Airlines became the first company with Walt Disney Company signed a global cooperation framework of the public transport companies; in May of that year, the Eastern site on sac hamilton michael korsThe Disney area officially launched. With the opening of Shanghai Disneyland, China Eastern Airlines to obtain an exclusive showcase entertainment project, set up in the Disney hotel booking through train, the 'cross-border' cooperation for the Eastern Airlines has brought real business opportunities, creating unlimited possibilities. From a simple physical shift service provider to an international airline with global and future business, China Eastern Airlines, flying over a star, has never forgotten its minds and clung to the times. From seven aircraft, 28 pioneer team arduous start, up to 60 years of flight time, 10 have been independent code airlines have been incorporated into its own, the sea to the sea, a generation of staff corpses, struggling to move forward, Did not forget the beginning of the heart, hot pursuit of the times, and finally to Eastern Airlines has the international advanced models of the main 600 aircraft, grow into a team of 80,000 people in the global aviation industry on the big stage has a pivotal position. Flying over to are, China Eastern is youth.

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